Instructions for Blank Shells and Creatures:

Shaping: Use a heat gun on medium heat. Heat the product until hot, but not too hot to touch. Once heated, use your hands to apply slow and gentle pressure to mold into the desired shape. Hold the shape until the product is cool and set. *A hairdryer on high heat will work as well, but it'll take longer to heat to a moldable temperature.

Paint and seal: Prime shells with a primer made for plastics. We recommend Rust_oleum Ultra Cover spray primer for plastics.  Once primed and dry, you can use any paint you like. Go crazy with colors, pigments, sparkle, and more. When your desired paint design is fully dry, seal it all with a water tight sealer. Our go to sealer is Rust-oleum Clear Coat High Gloss.

Attaching: For attaching shells to a swim top, we recommend gluing with a very generous amount of clear E6000 (about one regular size tube per set). For an extra bit of hold, you can score the backside of the shell with a hobby knife before gluing.

For an in-depth 'how-to' and more instructional videos, check out our Youtube channel at: @IDFabrications

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