Links to our favorite products

Listed below are Amazon links to our favorite and recommended products for working with our blank shell sets.

Heat Gun for shaping:

We use a Wagner heat gun in-house, daily, and highly recommend it. The Seekone is an excellent inexpensive option for more occasional craft use.

Spraypaint Primer and Sealer:

We highly recommend Rust-Oleum 2x Spray Paint for both the primer and their Clear gloss sealer. Once dry the paints are inert and will not yellow with use. 

Detail paints:

These are our favorite paints to use to really make the details of our shells pop. The Shuttle Art Metallics and the Folkart Color Shift craft paints give incredible dimension and movement to the shells. For a quick paint with maximum impact, I highly recommend the DecoArt Metallic Luster rub on top of a Black primed shell.


We highly recommend using E600 to attach your shells to a base. Not only is it waterproof but it is also flexible when dry giving the shells and base movement when wearing.

Misc. Tools and Accessories:

Miscellaneous tools and accessories that we like to use in the shop to paint and adorn our blank shell sets.


Base Bras:

Boobs are weird and a beast to fit … everyone is different. These are our base bra recommendations and here’s why: When looking for a base bra the most important aspect you’re looking for is fit. The next (and what the two below offer) are a lined cup and a wide band. I like to work with a lined cup as it retains a better shape/fit when gluing. I prefer a wide band, so I’ll have more room to accessorize (because in my world more is more is best!) Again, these are recommendations, and the most important element is how it fits on you.


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