What are the raw cast shells made of?

The raw cast shells are made of a resin plastic

What are the silicone shells made of and are they skin safe?

The silicone shells are made of dragon skin silicone and are skin safe.

What paints do you recommend? And are they ocean/aquarium safe?

I like the Rust-Oleum brand spray paint primer to prim the shells for paint, a variety of acrylic paints to color, and Rust-Oleum brand spray paint High Gloss to seal. From the research that I have done, the general consensus is that once they're dry and bonded they are completely inert and will have no effects on fish or sea life...

Click here for a link to our favorite and recommend paints.

How do you glue the shells to a top?

I use lots of E6000 (please be careful and use this glue in a well-ventilated area) You can also, but not necessary, score the back of the shell with a hobby knife to give it a little extra hold.

Click here for a link to our favorite and recommend paints.

How do I know what size shell set to order?

On our website each shell set has recommended cup sizes that will fit. As these are only recommendations, the best way to know if the size is a fit it to compare the measurements given to the cup size of the desired base top. Click here for a link to our Instagram on how we measure our shells.

How do I paint the blank shell sets?

Each order will include detailed instructions on heat molding, painting, and attaching our blank sets. There are also instructional videos here, Links to our favorite products here, and inspiration photos on our Instagram @idfabrications

How long will it take to receive my order?

Currently each blank shell is hand cast to order and will normally take 2-3 business days to create. Please note if ordering silicone sets, that silicone painting and sealing will take 3-5 days. Once shipped, items should arrive 5-7 business days depending on selected shipping method. 

Can I sell the things that I make with your shells?

Yes! please do! I only ask that you do not re-cast, re-mold, and/or copy my raw shells.

Will you be making "insert shell here" any time soon?

Probably! I have a long and wonderful list of shells to be created BUT am always open and welcome new ideas and suggestions!

I’m not crafty, will you make me a custom top?

We do make custom tops and accessories. Please message us at mirelle@idfabrications.com to check availability and options.

How much is a custom top?

Custom tops normally start at $200 for a hard shell top and $350 for a silicone top. Both options go up from there depending on design and detail wants. 


Have more questions? Feel free to email them to: mirelle@idfabrications.com

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