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Dive into the eerie depths of your imagination with our spooky cauldron! Our cauldron creates a mystical allure fit for underwater sorcery, adorned it with shimmering seashells, eerie seaweed tendrils, or a hint of enchanting glow. It's perfect for adding a touch of spooky magic to any accessory. 

Measures: 6" wide by 5" tall*

US cup sizes:* B-C

*US cup sizes are an estimate. For a more exact size please refer to the measurements listed above 

All our blank shells and creatures are hand crafted from ultra-light, resin plastic. Unfinished, they are extremely versatile, and can be painted and shaped to fit your needs. The best part is that once they are sealed, they are completely swim-able. Use your imagination and Release the Kraftin’! The possibilities are limitless!