(7) Semi-Custom

Here you can build a semi-custom top from a selection of preset colors and styles. Finished top will be in your size, color selection, shell style, and decorated as much or as little as you choose. Base bra will be of our choosing, unless otherwise noted. At the top of each shell style page will be what cup sizes that shell will fit best. 

At check out please include size, color upgrades if selected, and any other information requested. We will email you a conformation with your selections before we get started. We will not begin your top until you confirm your design. As, once in production you will not be able to make changes.

*please note that if your size is uncommon, or if you select a shell that needs to be modified to fit your size we might recommend a Full Custom Creation. This will be at out discretion and we will contact you.

Regular price $165.00