Some Costumes are just for the Picture.

Some Costumes are just for the Picture.

When you are creating work for fashion photography, creative photoshoots, or you know... water-balloon dresses for a scavenger hunt... functionality isn't usually the goal, a beautuful aesthetic is. 

This is the story of a dress that nearly ruined everything.

So every year I play this amazing scavenger hunt called Gish.  It's full of amazingly creative and weird tasks.  I am always most excited for the tasks that involve costuming for obvious reasons, so when I read those glorious words... water-balloon dress, I couldn't hardly contain myself.

But wait... I can't sew water balloons, and glue will melt them... how in the world can I make this happen?

So a cut in half trashcan base and a million staples later, what balloons still survived were in danger of toppling over along with the entire base as the wind started to dramatically pick up.

I called in for back up. My friends were holding the base up while I ran to get my custom balloon corset on and another friend got the flares prepared for dramatic flair.

Well it turns out, what flairs actually do is make it impossible to breath... lesson learned... please do not attempt to to use flairs in ways that they are not intended to be used, in other words don't be me.

So coughing and choking we smartly move the flairs back so we could breath, you know right back into my brand new workshop shed.  We luckily didn't burn the whole thing down, but we did indeed burn the finish right off of it.

Hey at least I got this beautiful photo, and my husband has yet to divorce me.  I'd call that a success!


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