How to touch up your shells

How to touch up your shells

Hey all!

I currently have the gorgeous Ara The Neverland Mermaid's top in the shop for a tune up and I thought I'd share with you all what I do for paint dings and scratches. 

  1. Sand down the area with a fine grit sand paper such as 180-200. If it's a scuff I normally do a light sanding and try not to sand down to the plastic. If it's a scratch sand down to the plastic.


2. If you sanded down to the plastic you will need to prime with a plastic primer. I spray a squirts of primer spray-paint onto a paper plate then use a small paint brush to prime the sanded sections.

3. Once primer is dry you can paint with what ever paints and colors you'd like.

4. When touch ups are dry seal the paint with a plastics spray sealer. Make sure to mask off any areas that you don't want sealed.

Let dry 24 hours and you're all set!

Comment below with any questions about touch ups or any shell repairs that I didn't cover and I'd be happy to answer! Happy swimming! 

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